A World Without Magic

Chapter 8

Exploring Mordenkainen's Tomb and other Mundane Chores

As the party woke up after another eventful day in Portsmouth, they had a note waiting for them at the front desk of the Black Buckler. The note was from a Professor at Portsmouth University named Iain Stewart. He was requesting the PC’s assistance to investigate the possible location of Mordenkainen’s Tomb within the limits of the city itself. As Aramil Esphanian was in need of more spells to add to his spell book, how could they turn the chance of an offer such as this.

The PC’s joined Iain to an abandoned house and headed down into the basement where they discovered a newly broken wall leading to a hidden chamber. In the chamber they discovered the bodies of two dead adventurers along with some venomous spiders. After defeating the spiders, the party headed down into the tomb where they ran into metal door with a relief of a human face in it. After poking the face in the eyes, the face came to life and proceeded to ask the party questions, which they answered before gaining access beyond the metal door.

Within the tomb, they encountered a room with jets spewing flames while having to fight off flaming skeletons. After surviving that room, the PC’s encountered one more room with skeletons, this time with some three-headed skeletons and some four-armed skeletons. With the last of the skeletons defeated, the party were able to finally make into the inner chambers where they found a library with spells for Aramil, along with some gold, some rituals, and an expensive tapestry. The players left Iain Stewart to study the room while they retired for the night back at the Black Buckler.

The next day, the PC’s decided to check up on the lead about a shipment of lodestone in the Warehouse District. After using Emet’s metallic body to find the warehouse that was housing the lodestone. After quickly defeating the wimpy guards outside of the warehouse, the party went inside to investigate. They found a chest that actually turned out to be a Mimic, along with some Blades members from the Elite City Guard and a warforged by the name of Cable. Once the fight got serious, the players set about concentrating on bringing Cable down.

After having brought down the enemy warforged, the PC’s were set to dismantle the body to make sure it didn’t rise again (as warforged tend to do), when Cable activated a lodestone marker from within his chest cavity. The magnetic attraction grew exponentially as it started pulling in any ferrous metals towards it in a half mile radius. Through the cloud of flying metal, the party was able to disable enough runes to shut off the device. The remaining Blades ran away in fright once the metallic maelstrom ended.

The party recovered the magic Lodestone and Aramil spent the next day working on repairing the magic ruins so that they could use the Lodestone if they wanted. Emet recovered the defeated Warforged’s body and a sniper rifle, and convinced one of the teachers at the University to build him a rifle that he can attach and fire from his body. Kris and Quinn managed to pick pocket a document that will allow the party to enter The Wilds.



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