A World Without Magic

Chapter 7.1

After their tumultuous first day in Portsmouth, the party woke up refreshed at the Black Buckler. Emet was in an inquisitive mood that morning after his first encounter with another warforged from the day before. Korgul suggested that they could check out the old factory that he used to guard, since that is where he first ran into Emet.

The PC’s decided to check out the old factory since it was close to where they were staying. They found an abandoned factory with a locked from door. The party entered after Quinn picked the lock and discovered a large group of Blades led by a warforged named Beta waiting for them. Shortly after the battle begun, Korgul turned on his former party members and revealed that he had been working with the Blades the entire time. The PC’s turned their ire towards Korgul and quickly brought him down before taking out the rest of the Blades and the warforged Beta.

After the ambush, the party decided to drag themselves over to Portsmouth University to check on the bodies that were autopsied. The autopsy results revealed that Garret (the human Onxy Shield member) had died from his wounds, and that the Dragonborn had bled to death. Feeling comfortable with this, the PC’s went to seek out the White Claws hideout. After searching around the poorer parts of the city, they found the hideout. Aramil cast a spell to turn Quinn invisible, and the PC’s then knocked burst in the front doors of the hideout. Instead of fighting, the group tried talking to the gang, and a managed to convince one of the Dragonborn to consult with their leader, someone named Thraxis, in regards with what to do with the adventurers. Quinn followed the dragonborn all the way to Thraxis, who turned out to be an Adult White Dragon, to listen in to the conversation. Thraxis told the dragonborn that it was just better if they got rid of the PC’s to avoid further questions.

Quinn then followed the dragonborn back to the entrance area where the gang then attacked the party. The PC’s defeated the dragonborn in the first room, then a dragonborn sorceror and company in the second room before getting to Thaxis’ chamber. As the battle begun the group effectively stunned and dazed the dragon for several rounds while dealing massive damage. Thraxis took it all in stride before coming out of his daze and stunning all the PC’s followed by the dragon’s icy cold breathe. The dragon continued fighting and dealing massive damage with its dragon breath while the party kept on bringing its health down. After a long fight and a couple of close calls for Kris and Emet, the dragon was defeated. The party looted the dragon’s horde finding gold and potions of regeneration.

After another long and bloody day in Portsmouth, the party made their way back to the Black Buckler to retire for the night.



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