A World Without Magic

Chapter 7

Welcome to Portsmouth

With the knowledge that the Lodestone targeting devices for the Rocket were coming from Portsmouth, the PC’s headed down the mountain for the city. As the PC’s were making their way down the mountain, they ran into Kris’s old platoon, headed by his old Sergeant Gregor. The Sergeant was using the current turmoil following the King’s death to make a little profit for him and his men by capturing and turning in the PC’s for the bounty on their heads. The party fought back of course, defeating Gregor’s unit and slaying the one survivor after interrogating him.

The rest of the PC’s journey to Portsmouth was uneventful, and after entering the city, the party made there way to The Black Buckler, an inn and front for the local branch of the Onyx Shield. Korgul and Emet were waiting for them there, and the five of them were introduced to Lucas Smith, the Captain of the Portsmouth Onyx Shield. Once Lucas had been filled in with the party’s latest findings, he let the party know that they would have a good chance finding more about the lodestone in the warehouse district. The Blades have many warehouses there where they store most of their supplies. Lucas also explained that one of the Onyx Shield operatives was murdered in one of the warehouses, and that he was calling upon Quinn to track down the murderer and bring him to justice.

The party set out to the warehouse district and immediately went to investigate the murder scene. They found the body which and a quick check found he appeared to have been stabbed to death. After some looking around, they found the body of a Dragonborn who appeared to have been stabbed as well and was crawling away when he died. The PC’s decided to take the bodies to the Portsmouth University to have them autopsied to determine a cause of death.

After dropping the bodies off, the PC’s were heading back to The Black Buckler when they were ambushed by by some Blades and a mysterious man in plate armor. The men seemed intent on harming Emet. Once the men were defeated, it was revealed that the man in plate armor was actually a Warforged named Adam. The party grabbed Adam and dragged it back to The Black Buckler before settling in for the night.

During the night however Adam revived itself and started attacking Emet. The party was roused from their sleep and quickly went to the defense of Emet. After redefeating Adam, they kept hacking at it and removed its head to ensure that it would not come back anymore.



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