A World Without Magic

Chapter 6


The PC’s were finally allowed to meet with King Alderheart where they showed him the natural gas tanks that the Blades were bottling up at the mine. They explained to the King how the gas was explosive, and told the tale of how the mining facility blew up when they were raiding it. The King was saddened to hear that mine was destroyed, but still pleased to learn what was taking place there. He told the party how the natural gas mine was somehow connected with the Blade’s operation that was taking place at the top of Winterpeak, and that the PC’s would be paid handsomely from the King’s coffers if they could investigate the operation. The party accepted the King’s offer and left for Winterpeak.

As the party was walking away from the castle, they noticed a magnetic force start to pull all of their metal weapons and armor back towards the castle. Kris managed to strip out of his armor and strap it and his weapons onto his horse while the rest of the party struggled to resist the magnetic pull. Briefly after this started a large object came flying out of the sky and struck the castle, resulting in a cataclysmic explosion that leveled the entire castle.

As PC’s went back to the rubble to search for clues to the cause of the explosion, it quickly became apparent that no one had survived the blast. As they were scouring the rubble, a large goliath walked up who Korgul instantly recognized as Kamaka, the General of the Blades. Kamaka instantly challenged them to combat. The battle hardened goliath knocked several party member’s unconscious only to have them revived by their comrades, and after an exhausting and difficult fight, the party managed to bring down Kamaka. Off of his body, the party recovered the goliath’s prized +3 Battering Mordenkrad.

The party then continued continued to Tariston via the Skyway where the weary party rented a room and stayed for the night. In the morning a note in Eladrin elvish was left at their hotel door asking the party to meet the Eladrin in the woods outside of town. The party cautiously approached the meeting spot mentioned in the note and were met by a lone male Eladrin named Erevan. He apologized for his people attacking the PC’s earlier as the elves had some information and were trying to prevent the explosion that happened the day before at the castle. Erevan then explained that he realized the party’s good intentions and saw the PC’s as allies in the fight against the Blades. He also corroborated the story that the Blades had some sort of major operation at the top of Winterpeak. Aramil was curious since he hadn’t seen another eladrin in 200 years, asked Erevan what happened to the Eladrin.

As the party was gathering cold weather gear for the mountain, a longtime friend of Korgul’s ran up and told him the distressing news that Korgul’s sister had been kidnapped Blades. Korgul apologized to the party and took Emet with him to Although it was late spring, the top of Winterpeak was still bitterly cold, and covered in snow. The PC’s encountered some Blades fighting with some chillborn zombies, and assisted in killing the zombies. They talked and threatened the Blades into taking the PC’s with them to see the scientist who was in charge of the facility.

The PC’s entered a room full of guards and the scientist, and were instantly attacked by the guards as the scientist made his escape. The party defeated the guards and pursued the scientist till he trapped the party in the firing chamber of a large missile. The scientist explained that the missile was aimed at the party’s wizard tower and that they had 30 seconds to disarm it before it fired and they would all be burned up in the room. After some quick thinking and teamwork, the PC’s disarmed the rocket. Aramil then teleported into the room with the scientist and opened the door from the inside to allow the rest of the party in to fight with the ogres inside.

Once the PC’s defeated the scientist, they proceeded to interrogate him about the rocket and the Blades plans. The scientist explained how the rockets used 2 pieces of magically enhanced lodestone (one in the rocket, and one at the target site) to make ensure the missile’s accuracy over such long distances. When asked where the lodestone comes from, all he could say is that they receive the magic stones from Portsmouth. That was all he could say before a Blades sniper shot him in the head, shutting him up for good.



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