A World Without Magic

Chapter 2

A couple nights after their first adventure, a well coordinated group of Hobgoblins raided the town of Greenbriar and proceeded to kidnap 5 townspeople in their sleep. One of the 5 townspeople kidnapped was the mayor’s son, and a note was left for the mayor explaining if the townspeople wanted their loved ones back, they had to pay the hobgoblins 500 gold in 2 days time. Harbek Thunderbringer decided it would be best if Aramil Esphanian, Quinn Erstwild, and Kris Eriksson would search for the hobgoblins lair while Korgul and Emet stayed to train the towns militia and prepare for the bribe to be paid off.

Aramil, Quinn, and Kris set off to search for the hobgoblin’s lair and after accidentally stumbling upon a Kruthik nest, they eventually found the correct lair. As the Adventurers entered the cave, it became clear that the lair was under-defended, as most of the hobgoblins had traveled to Greenbriar to prepare an ambush of their own. The group made quick work of all the hobgoblins and goblins who were there before finally coming across a couple of slave traders who had come to pick up the captured townspeople. The slavers were well armed, had a pet cockatrice, and one of them was even carrying a pistol. Kris was knocked unconscious early, until Quinn revived him, and together, the 3 of them defeated the slavers.

One of the slave traders was carrying an encrypted letter explaining that the slaves were meant for the Morningcrest mine, so the 3 adventurers returned to Greenbriar to explain their findings and return the kidnapped townspeople. Upon their arrival Emet and Korgul regaled their comrades of how 30 hobgoblins had ambushed them and the town while the mayor was trying to pay off the 500 gold ransom money.

Chapter 1
The Quest for Knowledge

With the destruction of books on magic, Aramil was left with nothing to learn from. The Adventurers decided to assist Aramil on a trip back to his old wizard’s tower to see if any books still remained. After fighting some aberrant Fell Taints and a whole host of goblins, the group found a secret laboratory filled with magical tomes. However the laboratory also was filled with a necromancer’s numerous monstrosities, and after a tough fight, the party was able to enjoy all the magical treasures in peace.


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