A World Without Magic

Chapter 5

We still have powerful allies

The townspeople of Greenbriar tried to pick up the pieces of their former lives in the days following the Large explosion. Kris moved his parent’s to the party’s headquarters in the abandoned wizard’s tower to keep them safe. With the death of Harbek Thunderbringer the party was left without a clear sense of direction. Then Roland, one of Quinn’s childhood friends and member of the Onyx Shield, arrived in Greenbriar to meet with the adventurers. After meeting, Roland proceeded to tell the group that King Alderheart is a friend of the Onyx Shield, and has taken particular interest in the party’s activity’s to undermine the Blades. The group could head south to the town of Shuppleton to meet with the King’s advisor, Dara, who would escort them in the Skyway to meet the King in Lakeview.

On the way to Shuppleton, the group was beset by an owlbear and a half-elf named Luna. Luna was looking to collect the bounty that was on the group’s head, along with getting revenge for the party releasing a murderer who had killed her brother. The PC’s slayed the owlbear and and beat on Luna before forcing her to surrender.

When the party ran into Dara outside of Shuppleton, she explained how the town was heavily overrun with Blades who were alert to the description of the PC’s. Dara decided to disguise the party as a group of wealthy merchants, and to sneak them within some carriages along with an armed escort. Unfortunately will still ambushed on their way through the town by Blades armed with rocket launchers and even a “gatling gun.” After a hard fought battle, the PC’s defeated their ambushers save for two snipers who managed to escape. The rest of the journey was uneventful as the party was put up in a hotel in Lakeview for the night.

While the PC’s slept, Dara and the King discussed what to do with the group in light of the recent events. The King was adamant that the adventurers perform on more task to prove their resolve against the Blades and their loyalty to the King. Dara informed the PC’s that their next task was to head back on the Skyway to the stop at the logging town of Tariston. From there, the group was to head north into the mountains to investigate what was taking place at a new Blades facility there.

The PC’s encountered and fought many Blades and Duergar who were working/guarding the building. As they were making their way through, they discovered that the Blades were mining some kind of a gas and bottling it up in large cylindrical metal tanks. While in the room where the actual bottling takes place, the PC’s were fighting some ogres, duergar, and a Blade Lieutenant when Aramil decided to use a flame spell. The ensuing explosion killed that last ogre, but it started lighting all the gas sacs aflame that were in the room. The PC’s immediately began to run out of the facility as the building started to burn and explode around them. They managed to save 5 tanks from the exploded wreckage of the building.

As the PC’s headed back on the Skyway to the King to show their findings, their car was overtaken by some Eladrin commando’s. As the Eladrin teleported into the car, they seemed intent on preventing the PC’s from meeting with the King. The party managed to defeat the Eladrin in the car before an attachment of the King’s Dragoon’s managed to chase away the remaining Eladrin.

Now the party awaits to finally speak before the King….



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