A World Without Magic

Chapter 4

"This shit just got real!"

The adventurers began the four day trek on foot back to Greenbriar along with the 20 slaves they rescued from the Morningcrest Mine. Towards the end of the third day of their trip, the group encountered a tree that had fallen across the trail along with a poisonous snake tied to the tree. As the party backed up and prepared to attack the snake from out of range of its leash, a bullet ripped through the leash freeing the snake. Kris and Quinn dealt with the snake while Aramil started blasting the adjacent grass field in search of the snipers who were ambushing them. After dealing with the snake, the three of them eventually found and beat one of the snipers into submission before questioning him. The captured sniper didn’t reveal much, only that he had been ordered to kill three people matching their descriptions.

The next day the group successfully escorted the rescued slaves back to Greenbriar and quickly noticed that something was amiss in town. After talking to one of the townspeople, they were told that Blades mercenaries were going through town looking for information on people who matched the party’s descriptions, and that they had started to send people in to forcibly question Harbek Thunderbringer. The adventurers tied up their horses and their captured sniper, and immediately ran over to check on Harbek. They found the dwarf standing, bloodied and surrounded by numerous dead and living Blades mercenaries, trying to fight them back. After assisting Harbek to fight off the remaining Blades, Harbek told Kris that some of the mercenaries had gone and taken Kris’ parents back to their local garrison for “questioning.”

Returning to their horses, the party discovered that the captured sniper had somehow gotten free and was nowhere to be found. They decided to head to the local garrison of the Blades and scout it out from afar till night fell. The group decided to sneak in over the back wall between patrols and make their way to a back door of the facility.

Aramil opened the back door to see a group of Blades who were ready for them, including the one-armed captain of the guard who immediately fired a rocket at the eladrin. The captain immediately left the room while he left his squad to fight for him. The party fought their way through the garrison, found and killed the captured sniper who had escaped, and freed Kris’ dad and one other prisoner before making it to the rooftop of the building. On the roof they found the one-armed captain along with a couple of mercenaries and Kris’ mother. The captain proceeded to throw Kris’ elderly mom off the roof, which sent Kris immediately into a rage to avenge his mother. The captain, who had a shield on his prosthetic arm, midway through the fight cut off the shield with his axe to reveal a large morningstar “hand” underneath with which he proceeded to wreak havoc. The party eventually defeated the Blades after a difficult fight.

With the captain’s defeat, Kris immediately ran down to his mother’s body to see if any priests could use their divine powers to revive her. As Kris was loading his mothers body onto his horse, everyone’s attention was drawn towards Greenbriar, where even though they were more than a mile away, they could see the fireball and feel the shockwave from a huge explosion that was centered on Harbek’s house…



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