A World Without Magic

Chapter 3

At the Edge of the Familiar

As Emet and Korgul headed off to deal with the slave ring, the rest of our brave adventurers left for the Morningcrest Mine to free the slaves there. After two days on horseback, Aramil, Kris, and Quinn crossed the Redpeaks and entered the town of Morningcrest as the sun was starting to set. An unnatural fog had enveloped the town, and the group were quickly attacked by a small horde of zombies representing what was left of the townspeople. The party took refuge in a church for the night before heading to the mine the next day.

At the Morningcrest Mine, the group found that a small group of Duergar, with the assistance from some Myconids to control the slaves, were mining large quantities of lodestone. After battling the Duergar and Myconids, the party rescued all but one of the slaves, that slave having been killed by one of Aramil’s area effect spells. After a quick 8 hour nap, the group returned to deal with a Gelatinous Cube who happened to be guarding the remains of a long lost adventurer who was in possession of a rather nice magic sword. The group now prepares themselves to escort the remaining 20 slaves back to Greenbriar where they will be safe.



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