A World Without Magic

Chapter 8
Exploring Mordenkainen's Tomb and other Mundane Chores

As the party woke up after another eventful day in Portsmouth, they had a note waiting for them at the front desk of the Black Buckler. The note was from a Professor at Portsmouth University named Iain Stewart. He was requesting the PC’s assistance to investigate the possible location of Mordenkainen’s Tomb within the limits of the city itself. As Aramil Esphanian was in need of more spells to add to his spell book, how could they turn the chance of an offer such as this.

The PC’s joined Iain to an abandoned house and headed down into the basement where they discovered a newly broken wall leading to a hidden chamber. In the chamber they discovered the bodies of two dead adventurers along with some venomous spiders. After defeating the spiders, the party headed down into the tomb where they ran into metal door with a relief of a human face in it. After poking the face in the eyes, the face came to life and proceeded to ask the party questions, which they answered before gaining access beyond the metal door.

Within the tomb, they encountered a room with jets spewing flames while having to fight off flaming skeletons. After surviving that room, the PC’s encountered one more room with skeletons, this time with some three-headed skeletons and some four-armed skeletons. With the last of the skeletons defeated, the party were able to finally make into the inner chambers where they found a library with spells for Aramil, along with some gold, some rituals, and an expensive tapestry. The players left Iain Stewart to study the room while they retired for the night back at the Black Buckler.

The next day, the PC’s decided to check up on the lead about a shipment of lodestone in the Warehouse District. After using Emet’s metallic body to find the warehouse that was housing the lodestone. After quickly defeating the wimpy guards outside of the warehouse, the party went inside to investigate. They found a chest that actually turned out to be a Mimic, along with some Blades members from the Elite City Guard and a warforged by the name of Cable. Once the fight got serious, the players set about concentrating on bringing Cable down.

After having brought down the enemy warforged, the PC’s were set to dismantle the body to make sure it didn’t rise again (as warforged tend to do), when Cable activated a lodestone marker from within his chest cavity. The magnetic attraction grew exponentially as it started pulling in any ferrous metals towards it in a half mile radius. Through the cloud of flying metal, the party was able to disable enough runes to shut off the device. The remaining Blades ran away in fright once the metallic maelstrom ended.

The party recovered the magic Lodestone and Aramil spent the next day working on repairing the magic ruins so that they could use the Lodestone if they wanted. Emet recovered the defeated Warforged’s body and a sniper rifle, and convinced one of the teachers at the University to build him a rifle that he can attach and fire from his body. Kris and Quinn managed to pick pocket a document that will allow the party to enter The Wilds.

Chapter 7.1

After their tumultuous first day in Portsmouth, the party woke up refreshed at the Black Buckler. Emet was in an inquisitive mood that morning after his first encounter with another warforged from the day before. Korgul suggested that they could check out the old factory that he used to guard, since that is where he first ran into Emet.

The PC’s decided to check out the old factory since it was close to where they were staying. They found an abandoned factory with a locked from door. The party entered after Quinn picked the lock and discovered a large group of Blades led by a warforged named Beta waiting for them. Shortly after the battle begun, Korgul turned on his former party members and revealed that he had been working with the Blades the entire time. The PC’s turned their ire towards Korgul and quickly brought him down before taking out the rest of the Blades and the warforged Beta.

After the ambush, the party decided to drag themselves over to Portsmouth University to check on the bodies that were autopsied. The autopsy results revealed that Garret (the human Onxy Shield member) had died from his wounds, and that the Dragonborn had bled to death. Feeling comfortable with this, the PC’s went to seek out the White Claws hideout. After searching around the poorer parts of the city, they found the hideout. Aramil cast a spell to turn Quinn invisible, and the PC’s then knocked burst in the front doors of the hideout. Instead of fighting, the group tried talking to the gang, and a managed to convince one of the Dragonborn to consult with their leader, someone named Thraxis, in regards with what to do with the adventurers. Quinn followed the dragonborn all the way to Thraxis, who turned out to be an Adult White Dragon, to listen in to the conversation. Thraxis told the dragonborn that it was just better if they got rid of the PC’s to avoid further questions.

Quinn then followed the dragonborn back to the entrance area where the gang then attacked the party. The PC’s defeated the dragonborn in the first room, then a dragonborn sorceror and company in the second room before getting to Thaxis’ chamber. As the battle begun the group effectively stunned and dazed the dragon for several rounds while dealing massive damage. Thraxis took it all in stride before coming out of his daze and stunning all the PC’s followed by the dragon’s icy cold breathe. The dragon continued fighting and dealing massive damage with its dragon breath while the party kept on bringing its health down. After a long fight and a couple of close calls for Kris and Emet, the dragon was defeated. The party looted the dragon’s horde finding gold and potions of regeneration.

After another long and bloody day in Portsmouth, the party made their way back to the Black Buckler to retire for the night.

Chapter 7
Welcome to Portsmouth

With the knowledge that the Lodestone targeting devices for the Rocket were coming from Portsmouth, the PC’s headed down the mountain for the city. As the PC’s were making their way down the mountain, they ran into Kris’s old platoon, headed by his old Sergeant Gregor. The Sergeant was using the current turmoil following the King’s death to make a little profit for him and his men by capturing and turning in the PC’s for the bounty on their heads. The party fought back of course, defeating Gregor’s unit and slaying the one survivor after interrogating him.

The rest of the PC’s journey to Portsmouth was uneventful, and after entering the city, the party made there way to The Black Buckler, an inn and front for the local branch of the Onyx Shield. Korgul and Emet were waiting for them there, and the five of them were introduced to Lucas Smith, the Captain of the Portsmouth Onyx Shield. Once Lucas had been filled in with the party’s latest findings, he let the party know that they would have a good chance finding more about the lodestone in the warehouse district. The Blades have many warehouses there where they store most of their supplies. Lucas also explained that one of the Onyx Shield operatives was murdered in one of the warehouses, and that he was calling upon Quinn to track down the murderer and bring him to justice.

The party set out to the warehouse district and immediately went to investigate the murder scene. They found the body which and a quick check found he appeared to have been stabbed to death. After some looking around, they found the body of a Dragonborn who appeared to have been stabbed as well and was crawling away when he died. The PC’s decided to take the bodies to the Portsmouth University to have them autopsied to determine a cause of death.

After dropping the bodies off, the PC’s were heading back to The Black Buckler when they were ambushed by by some Blades and a mysterious man in plate armor. The men seemed intent on harming Emet. Once the men were defeated, it was revealed that the man in plate armor was actually a Warforged named Adam. The party grabbed Adam and dragged it back to The Black Buckler before settling in for the night.

During the night however Adam revived itself and started attacking Emet. The party was roused from their sleep and quickly went to the defense of Emet. After redefeating Adam, they kept hacking at it and removed its head to ensure that it would not come back anymore.

Chapter 6

The PC’s were finally allowed to meet with King Alderheart where they showed him the natural gas tanks that the Blades were bottling up at the mine. They explained to the King how the gas was explosive, and told the tale of how the mining facility blew up when they were raiding it. The King was saddened to hear that mine was destroyed, but still pleased to learn what was taking place there. He told the party how the natural gas mine was somehow connected with the Blade’s operation that was taking place at the top of Winterpeak, and that the PC’s would be paid handsomely from the King’s coffers if they could investigate the operation. The party accepted the King’s offer and left for Winterpeak.

As the party was walking away from the castle, they noticed a magnetic force start to pull all of their metal weapons and armor back towards the castle. Kris managed to strip out of his armor and strap it and his weapons onto his horse while the rest of the party struggled to resist the magnetic pull. Briefly after this started a large object came flying out of the sky and struck the castle, resulting in a cataclysmic explosion that leveled the entire castle.

As PC’s went back to the rubble to search for clues to the cause of the explosion, it quickly became apparent that no one had survived the blast. As they were scouring the rubble, a large goliath walked up who Korgul instantly recognized as Kamaka, the General of the Blades. Kamaka instantly challenged them to combat. The battle hardened goliath knocked several party member’s unconscious only to have them revived by their comrades, and after an exhausting and difficult fight, the party managed to bring down Kamaka. Off of his body, the party recovered the goliath’s prized +3 Battering Mordenkrad.

The party then continued continued to Tariston via the Skyway where the weary party rented a room and stayed for the night. In the morning a note in Eladrin elvish was left at their hotel door asking the party to meet the Eladrin in the woods outside of town. The party cautiously approached the meeting spot mentioned in the note and were met by a lone male Eladrin named Erevan. He apologized for his people attacking the PC’s earlier as the elves had some information and were trying to prevent the explosion that happened the day before at the castle. Erevan then explained that he realized the party’s good intentions and saw the PC’s as allies in the fight against the Blades. He also corroborated the story that the Blades had some sort of major operation at the top of Winterpeak. Aramil was curious since he hadn’t seen another eladrin in 200 years, asked Erevan what happened to the Eladrin.

As the party was gathering cold weather gear for the mountain, a longtime friend of Korgul’s ran up and told him the distressing news that Korgul’s sister had been kidnapped Blades. Korgul apologized to the party and took Emet with him to Although it was late spring, the top of Winterpeak was still bitterly cold, and covered in snow. The PC’s encountered some Blades fighting with some chillborn zombies, and assisted in killing the zombies. They talked and threatened the Blades into taking the PC’s with them to see the scientist who was in charge of the facility.

The PC’s entered a room full of guards and the scientist, and were instantly attacked by the guards as the scientist made his escape. The party defeated the guards and pursued the scientist till he trapped the party in the firing chamber of a large missile. The scientist explained that the missile was aimed at the party’s wizard tower and that they had 30 seconds to disarm it before it fired and they would all be burned up in the room. After some quick thinking and teamwork, the PC’s disarmed the rocket. Aramil then teleported into the room with the scientist and opened the door from the inside to allow the rest of the party in to fight with the ogres inside.

Once the PC’s defeated the scientist, they proceeded to interrogate him about the rocket and the Blades plans. The scientist explained how the rockets used 2 pieces of magically enhanced lodestone (one in the rocket, and one at the target site) to make ensure the missile’s accuracy over such long distances. When asked where the lodestone comes from, all he could say is that they receive the magic stones from Portsmouth. That was all he could say before a Blades sniper shot him in the head, shutting him up for good.

Chapter 5
We still have powerful allies

The townspeople of Greenbriar tried to pick up the pieces of their former lives in the days following the Large explosion. Kris moved his parent’s to the party’s headquarters in the abandoned wizard’s tower to keep them safe. With the death of Harbek Thunderbringer the party was left without a clear sense of direction. Then Roland, one of Quinn’s childhood friends and member of the Onyx Shield, arrived in Greenbriar to meet with the adventurers. After meeting, Roland proceeded to tell the group that King Alderheart is a friend of the Onyx Shield, and has taken particular interest in the party’s activity’s to undermine the Blades. The group could head south to the town of Shuppleton to meet with the King’s advisor, Dara, who would escort them in the Skyway to meet the King in Lakeview.

On the way to Shuppleton, the group was beset by an owlbear and a half-elf named Luna. Luna was looking to collect the bounty that was on the group’s head, along with getting revenge for the party releasing a murderer who had killed her brother. The PC’s slayed the owlbear and and beat on Luna before forcing her to surrender.

When the party ran into Dara outside of Shuppleton, she explained how the town was heavily overrun with Blades who were alert to the description of the PC’s. Dara decided to disguise the party as a group of wealthy merchants, and to sneak them within some carriages along with an armed escort. Unfortunately will still ambushed on their way through the town by Blades armed with rocket launchers and even a “gatling gun.” After a hard fought battle, the PC’s defeated their ambushers save for two snipers who managed to escape. The rest of the journey was uneventful as the party was put up in a hotel in Lakeview for the night.

While the PC’s slept, Dara and the King discussed what to do with the group in light of the recent events. The King was adamant that the adventurers perform on more task to prove their resolve against the Blades and their loyalty to the King. Dara informed the PC’s that their next task was to head back on the Skyway to the stop at the logging town of Tariston. From there, the group was to head north into the mountains to investigate what was taking place at a new Blades facility there.

The PC’s encountered and fought many Blades and Duergar who were working/guarding the building. As they were making their way through, they discovered that the Blades were mining some kind of a gas and bottling it up in large cylindrical metal tanks. While in the room where the actual bottling takes place, the PC’s were fighting some ogres, duergar, and a Blade Lieutenant when Aramil decided to use a flame spell. The ensuing explosion killed that last ogre, but it started lighting all the gas sacs aflame that were in the room. The PC’s immediately began to run out of the facility as the building started to burn and explode around them. They managed to save 5 tanks from the exploded wreckage of the building.

As the PC’s headed back on the Skyway to the King to show their findings, their car was overtaken by some Eladrin commando’s. As the Eladrin teleported into the car, they seemed intent on preventing the PC’s from meeting with the King. The party managed to defeat the Eladrin in the car before an attachment of the King’s Dragoon’s managed to chase away the remaining Eladrin.

Now the party awaits to finally speak before the King….

Chapter 4
"This shit just got real!"

The adventurers began the four day trek on foot back to Greenbriar along with the 20 slaves they rescued from the Morningcrest Mine. Towards the end of the third day of their trip, the group encountered a tree that had fallen across the trail along with a poisonous snake tied to the tree. As the party backed up and prepared to attack the snake from out of range of its leash, a bullet ripped through the leash freeing the snake. Kris and Quinn dealt with the snake while Aramil started blasting the adjacent grass field in search of the snipers who were ambushing them. After dealing with the snake, the three of them eventually found and beat one of the snipers into submission before questioning him. The captured sniper didn’t reveal much, only that he had been ordered to kill three people matching their descriptions.

The next day the group successfully escorted the rescued slaves back to Greenbriar and quickly noticed that something was amiss in town. After talking to one of the townspeople, they were told that Blades mercenaries were going through town looking for information on people who matched the party’s descriptions, and that they had started to send people in to forcibly question Harbek Thunderbringer. The adventurers tied up their horses and their captured sniper, and immediately ran over to check on Harbek. They found the dwarf standing, bloodied and surrounded by numerous dead and living Blades mercenaries, trying to fight them back. After assisting Harbek to fight off the remaining Blades, Harbek told Kris that some of the mercenaries had gone and taken Kris’ parents back to their local garrison for “questioning.”

Returning to their horses, the party discovered that the captured sniper had somehow gotten free and was nowhere to be found. They decided to head to the local garrison of the Blades and scout it out from afar till night fell. The group decided to sneak in over the back wall between patrols and make their way to a back door of the facility.

Aramil opened the back door to see a group of Blades who were ready for them, including the one-armed captain of the guard who immediately fired a rocket at the eladrin. The captain immediately left the room while he left his squad to fight for him. The party fought their way through the garrison, found and killed the captured sniper who had escaped, and freed Kris’ dad and one other prisoner before making it to the rooftop of the building. On the roof they found the one-armed captain along with a couple of mercenaries and Kris’ mother. The captain proceeded to throw Kris’ elderly mom off the roof, which sent Kris immediately into a rage to avenge his mother. The captain, who had a shield on his prosthetic arm, midway through the fight cut off the shield with his axe to reveal a large morningstar “hand” underneath with which he proceeded to wreak havoc. The party eventually defeated the Blades after a difficult fight.

With the captain’s defeat, Kris immediately ran down to his mother’s body to see if any priests could use their divine powers to revive her. As Kris was loading his mothers body onto his horse, everyone’s attention was drawn towards Greenbriar, where even though they were more than a mile away, they could see the fireball and feel the shockwave from a huge explosion that was centered on Harbek’s house…

Chapter 3
At the Edge of the Familiar

As Emet and Korgul headed off to deal with the slave ring, the rest of our brave adventurers left for the Morningcrest Mine to free the slaves there. After two days on horseback, Aramil, Kris, and Quinn crossed the Redpeaks and entered the town of Morningcrest as the sun was starting to set. An unnatural fog had enveloped the town, and the group were quickly attacked by a small horde of zombies representing what was left of the townspeople. The party took refuge in a church for the night before heading to the mine the next day.

At the Morningcrest Mine, the group found that a small group of Duergar, with the assistance from some Myconids to control the slaves, were mining large quantities of lodestone. After battling the Duergar and Myconids, the party rescued all but one of the slaves, that slave having been killed by one of Aramil’s area effect spells. After a quick 8 hour nap, the group returned to deal with a Gelatinous Cube who happened to be guarding the remains of a long lost adventurer who was in possession of a rather nice magic sword. The group now prepares themselves to escort the remaining 20 slaves back to Greenbriar where they will be safe.

Chapter 2

A couple nights after their first adventure, a well coordinated group of Hobgoblins raided the town of Greenbriar and proceeded to kidnap 5 townspeople in their sleep. One of the 5 townspeople kidnapped was the mayor’s son, and a note was left for the mayor explaining if the townspeople wanted their loved ones back, they had to pay the hobgoblins 500 gold in 2 days time. Harbek Thunderbringer decided it would be best if Aramil Esphanian, Quinn Erstwild, and Kris Eriksson would search for the hobgoblins lair while Korgul and Emet stayed to train the towns militia and prepare for the bribe to be paid off.

Aramil, Quinn, and Kris set off to search for the hobgoblin’s lair and after accidentally stumbling upon a Kruthik nest, they eventually found the correct lair. As the Adventurers entered the cave, it became clear that the lair was under-defended, as most of the hobgoblins had traveled to Greenbriar to prepare an ambush of their own. The group made quick work of all the hobgoblins and goblins who were there before finally coming across a couple of slave traders who had come to pick up the captured townspeople. The slavers were well armed, had a pet cockatrice, and one of them was even carrying a pistol. Kris was knocked unconscious early, until Quinn revived him, and together, the 3 of them defeated the slavers.

One of the slave traders was carrying an encrypted letter explaining that the slaves were meant for the Morningcrest mine, so the 3 adventurers returned to Greenbriar to explain their findings and return the kidnapped townspeople. Upon their arrival Emet and Korgul regaled their comrades of how 30 hobgoblins had ambushed them and the town while the mayor was trying to pay off the 500 gold ransom money.

Chapter 1
The Quest for Knowledge

With the destruction of books on magic, Aramil was left with nothing to learn from. The Adventurers decided to assist Aramil on a trip back to his old wizard’s tower to see if any books still remained. After fighting some aberrant Fell Taints and a whole host of goblins, the group found a secret laboratory filled with magical tomes. However the laboratory also was filled with a necromancer’s numerous monstrosities, and after a tough fight, the party was able to enjoy all the magical treasures in peace.


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