The Empire of Nerath had been around for several hundred years before the Day of Darkness occurred about 200 years ago. On that day an incredibly powerful demon was summoned by some magic users, and the demon went on to wreak havoc and destruction on the world. The demon was eventually defeated, but the paranoia against magic and its destructive capabilities was strong. A war was declared on magic as people began hunting down and slaying wizards. All books on magic were burned and the physical link to the Feywild was destroyed. This plunged the world into a state of darkness.

Things are starting to look up lately as King Alderheart along with the help of the Everflame Company and their army of Blades have been taking back the lands that have been overrun by monsters. Our Adventurers begin in the spring in the town of Greenbriar where an old dwarf Harbek Thunderbringer is assembling a group of adventurers to help clean up the surrounding area.

A World Without Magic